Time To Rediscover Our Dreams And Aspirations : Its Time To Rediscover Our Home

Home improvement and home decoration services are boon to my family as after rediscovering my home with home improvement services I was very satisfied. Now everyone wants to visit my house repeatedly, which earlier they refused due to lack of spacing, poor backgrounds and interiors of my house. Especially at kitty parties my friends used to laugh at me on the poor condition of my house. Than I have heard about home improvement and thought to give it a try. Home improvement has changed my house’s look and makes my home a better place to live in with all the amenities in it.

Renovation of one’s home is a very peculiar task and it took months to me to conduct that particular task successfully. Home improvement has added luxuries to my home and living styles. It has upgraded every bit of amenities available in my home like upgraded my heat systems and air conditioning systems. Renovation of my rooms has given a new look to my home. It has added four moons to the beauty of my rooms.

Home Improvement A Boon For My Family

I have improved my home on my own with special love and care and luxuries and with the available resources. Home renovation conducted by me with the help of internet and my friend who told me about these services results productively to me. As in this process I have saved time money as well as resources as experts cost money to my work and I have limited resources available to me so I have decorated my home with the available resources and my family was very happy with my work specially my kids, as they don’t have to be ashamed now in front of their friends.

Finishing Touch

Once home improvement task is accomplished I have added finishing touch to my decoration by displaying some beautiful paintings in rooms, by adding room fragrances in rooms, displaying best crockery in kitchen,  beautiful flowers in gardens and many other little things that can add beauty to my home. I tried every bit of small thing to improve interior of my home and it gave me fruitful leisure and results. Now it’s your turn. So what are you waiting for festive season is coming ahead so give it a try to decorate your home with this best services.

How Home Improvement Services Added A New Dimension To My Ancestral House?

I had to live in a city all through my life because of my career but it was my ancestral home in the countryside which always appealed to me and reminded me of my childhood days. My ancestral house is large, spacious and airy. I like the place more as it is away from the hustle and bustle of the city. The mansion remains deserted after the demise of my grandparents and as I grew up I became too busy in establishing my career and I am about to get married in a few months from now. I had mentioned about the house many a times to Mark, my fiancé. He was amused to hear stories about that house and wanted to spend a holiday there.

My Visit To Ancestral Home

I decided to visit my ancestral home to examine the condition of the mansion so that we can spend a holiday there after our wedding. I was stunned to discover that the house was in a dilapidated condition and has lost its sheen. There were cobwebs all around, the doors and the windows were creaky and some could not be opened, the paint on the walls had turned pale and the ceiling looked miserable. The garden grew wild and the house was in whole decrepit condition. My condition was as miserable as the house as I could not understand what to do next as I had my wedding in a few months and I couldn’t disappoint Mark as we was too enthusiastic about the visit to my ancestral home. Unable to do anything I came back to my home in the city.

Solution For The House

I told about my precarious condition to my friend who suggested me to renovate and re-decorate the house. I was not quite impressed with the idea as I thought that the home improvement services will not extend to my ancestral house as it is located in the countryside. Moreover, my wedding was in the next two months and I thought that no home improvement service can renovate the mansion in these two months. My friend suggested me about a reputed online home improvement service provider and asked me to give it a try.

Impressive Support Team

As suggested by my friend I explored the website of that home improvement service and I was enthralled by the images uploaded in the site about the projects they have undertaken. They had provided the option of email, chat, contact form and a hotline number to contact them. I decided to chat with them to know whether they will be able to extend their services in the countryside and complete the improvement project within the stipulated time of two months. To my surprise, the support team was prompt in my reply and they informed me that they extend their services to countryside as well and can complete the whole renovation project within a couple of months.

Dedicated Team

The team of the home improvement service started their project in a week after taking details about the house. They were extremely co-operative and their dedicated team worked on the house after taking my opinion in each and every aspect. They tried to bring my dream into reality. They repaired and repainted the house, remodeled it according to my wishes. The house looked refurbished but was in tune of the traditional décor. I was impressed that they completed improving the whole house in only 40 days and given it a new dimension in an affordable cost.


My wedding is in the next couple of days. Mark and I have decided that we will spend a holiday in my refurbished and improved ancestral house after we return from our honeymoon.

A Boon To House Decorating

Last year I threw a party in honor of my son, as he became the state champion in tennis. He was just 8 years old then and I felt so proud on his success. To share our happiness among our friends and family we decide to throw a small house party. We enjoyed a great time with our guests, my son was busy with his friends, me and my husband, and we both were busy with other guests. We all had a great dinner; they thanked me and complemented me for the food. After all the guests had gone we sat in our drawing room to talk about that evening.

But I noticed my son Edward was not talking to us; it seemed he was really angry due to some matter. We thought something had happened with his friends, hence I asked him. Instead of replying softly he vigorously shouted on us. I was really surprised as he never talks like that; he is well spoken and gentle boy. Though at first I became really angry him due to such behavior but then I gently sat beside him and asked what was the reason behind his anger.

To my great surprise he started crying and told me that today his friends laughed at him due to the poor interior decorations of our house. I was really puzzled; even some 8 years old children noticed about the interior of the house. Then a thought aroused in my mind, my friends and relatives might make fun on this. And this thought really threw me into great trouble, instantly I decided to change the interior decorations.

Home Improvement Services Are Like God’s Blessings To Me

From the very next day I started to plan, but while delving into the fact I found it’s not as easy as I thought. It needed proper planning and a good amount of fund to accomplish my dream. But I was really in puzzle; it’s hard to choose an exact design that will be affordable as well as suitable for our rooms. I kept on researching, once I was discussing with my best friend upon the fact, she suggested me than I should take help of home improvement services. Then I searched for home improvement services but then I was again in dilemma; there are many companies who assist in home improvement. Then I went through their customer review and choose one which has expert employees and huge number of satisfied customers. After that I contacted with them. At first they came into our house and took a close view of our rooms, balcony and the exterior of the house, and then they took measurements and told me that they will start working within 3 to 4 days; as they needed time to create an exclusive design for our house. I became so happy to know that my will have a designer look and thanked many times to my best friend.

How Does It Change My Life?

According to their promise they started to after 4 days and within 15 days they changed the whole outlook of our house. They gave an ethnic look to our drawing room, a sporty look to my son’s room and when we entered in our bed room after completing the project properly, it was like heaven. The whole room was white with a hue of pink and. They worked upon every corner and added beautiful wall mats, table lamps as well.

After that we again threw a party to show our friends to our house and through all the evening they kept on gazing the designs, the room decorating items and showered their admiration. But I was staring at my son’s face and was taking pleasure of his smiling face.